Where to Drink Craft Beer in The Wildwoods, New Jersey

As a greater Philadelphia area native, no summer is complete without a trip to the Jersey Shore. The summertime treks started for me as I was a kid, with my parents finding the drytown of Ocean City, New Jersey the most charming while allowing us the occasional one-night-only visit to The Wildwoods’ Boardwalk. Then, came the teen years, where my best friend and I rebelled by spending summers in Cape May, New Jersey—half spent chasing boys and half shelling out cash in the promenade’s upscale shops. 

Now, older, wiser and much more boozier, I’ve seemed to commit my entire decade of my twenties to another East Coast nook—Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach—and that’s one-hundred percent because of Dogfish Head’s close proximity to those shores.

But, given the recent opportunity to re-explore the kitschy boardwalk glamor of The Wildwoods, I’ve uncovered that there are similar good-beer opportunities in that retro-inspired shore town that will easily lead me to making the short—talking 1.5 hour sans traffic—trip back.

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